Green Monday for practical vegetarianism

Go here and read up about the idea of Green Monday (like Meatless Monday with a more positive name). I really wanted to link to the article I read in The Globe and Mail’s Life &Arts section for Wednesday, July 5, 2017, but they don’t even put truncated versions of their newspaper articles on their website. Way to go, oldstream media! Read More

You don’t know until you try

I never thought I’d quit drinking. Even now, I continually question my motives in making such a decision. That alone, if nothing else, serves as a solid reminder of why such a decision needed to be made – I need to learn to live my life apart from alcohol in order to understand and reframe my relationship to it. Read More

Reconsidering culinary counterfeits

Awhile ago, I went on a bit of a tirade about ‘veganising’ foods. I still think it’s silly, even misguided – and that goes double for things that are inherently meat, like smoked salmon. That said, there is clearly a place for some of these kinds of foods. Not only do they remain popular with vegans, but some of them may serve to entice omnivores to the vegetable side of the fence. Read More

Fermentation fascination

Well, I just went ahead and did it – I made a sponge starter for bread. Then I baked it into a loaf. And then we ate it. Was it good? Yeah, it was. Even though I failed a bit in the actual baking, resulting in a slightly underbaked (though not raw and doughy) loaf, the result had a beautifully chewy texture, and fantastic bubbles. Not my best loaf, but definitely in the top three. Read More

Stumbling to conclusions

I made a mistake. I watched a video on YouTube about doing a diet swap, specifically going raw vegan for one week. While I bear no ill-will to raw veganism as a concept, I do have a bone to pick with some of the conclusions drawn by its practitioners. Read More

Shop the pantry with me

After a long weekend, sometimes we find we’ve overspent. This is never more true than after a long weekend that’s also our anniversary. And as much as I enjoyed the eating and lazing about, it’s well past time to get ourselves back on the straight and narrow. So the goal this week is to avoid buying groceries and use up what’s on hand. Read More