Candle burning low

Y’ever fall off a cliff into a pit of darkness and despair, where even the simplest everyday tasks loom as overwhelming obstacles, and from which the only escape seems the sweet release of death?

If so, welcome to my nightmare.

If not, I’m not gonna say we can’t be friends, but I will say our ability to empathize with each other will be limited. Read More

Now we’re those people

Well, I went ahead and did it: I bought vegetarian dog food.

Hold on! Before you shout me down, please let me explain the logic behind this move. And there is logic, I promise. Just a warning though, the poop talk might get a bit graphic for some tastes. Read More

What do I want, anyway?

This is a post about priorities. Thus far, I’ve moseyed through life with no particular wants or demands, being as low-maintenance as possible. Part of this stems from my rebellious nature – rebellious to a fault, in some respects. Whatever the mainstream’s doing, I want no part of it. I’ll go out of my way to do the opposite, or at least my teenage self would go that far. I’ve mellowed some with time, but not by much. Read More

This niche sits unfilled

As much as I love my new refrigerator, it’s not being used to its fullest potential. Everything that isn’t the gigantic, glorious crisper drawer is empty. That is an enormous waste. It wastes energy, and it wastes space. And there is little in life that cheeses me off more than wastefulness.

When I pop ‘best refrigerator for vegetables’ into the old search engine, I see lots of advice for storing veggies in existing fridges. I don’t see any fridges that are purpose-built to serve folks who eat plants. More and more people are moving to vegetarian or vegan eating in the home. We’re being encouraged to eat little (if any) meat, whether out of ethical, health or environmental concerns. Yet these cornerstone appliances don’t reflect this shift in emphasis.

So here’s this gaping niche that’s not being filled by any of the big appliance manufacturers. And here’s me, as a consumer, with no good idea about how to get the attention of these behemoths and point them in the direction of such rich, profitable fodder. To that end, I conclude with a wishlist on the very offest of chances that anyone might take the idea and run with it. Alternately (and more likely) it will serve as a time and date stamped testament to my uncanny ability to demand products that haven’t come to market yet.

What I’d like is something smaller, with little to no freezer space, and a heavy focus on fresh food storage. I’d prefer something that could fit under a countertop, if only because counterspace is at a permanent premium in most kitchens. That said, it would also be great if it didn’t cost an absolute mint. One of the biggest problems with getting folks on the conservationist train is that smaller, more efficient devices are typically much more expensive than their wastrel counterparts. The thing is, there are fewer people at the top of the heap than the bottom; they’re hitting quality over quantity, when we need the opposite. So under $1000, if possible.

Why don’t you smile?

Back in the day, when I toiled thanklessly as a retail monkey, I got in trouble (more than once) for not being happy enough at work. And just last night, I got a teamwork cheer from my very first job stuck in my head on a loop. So when I caught a story on CBC Radio about how companies ruin productivity by trying to force employees to be happy – or at least look it – I had a few points of response to get out. Read More

Taking it easy

I’ve got a bad habit. Well, maybe a few. The one that’s recently been on my mind is my tendency to go all or nothing, especially when cooking. I either make far too much food for one sitting, yet not enough for two, or I don’t make enough food, more or less forcing us to supplement. Usually, that takes the form of some off-plan snack or other. Read More

A return to food

As we adjust to our new life, in our new apartment, with our magical refrigerator that actually keeps fresh food alive for more than 30 seconds*, we continue our human habit of consuming daily meals. Saturday was shopping day, but I didn’t end up cooking until Sunday. It was just as well, since it gave me an opportunity to compare and contrast eating out with eating in.

The result: there is no comparison to be made. Read More