Giving up giving up

This past weekend, I decided it was time to suss out where I was at with regard to alcohol. So, we got some beer.

The result? I think I might be kind of done with drinking.

I know. It surprised me, too.

When I first quit, I thought I’d end up establishing a set of rules for myself, because I liked drinking so much. Going without for a mere 5 weeks has changed my tastes enough that I wasn’t that fussed over the beer we had. Nor was I thrilled by the sip of wine I had from the bottle of white my mum left in my fridge. I am more than willing to allow that that was an anomaly, since I don’t care for white, and the contents could have been ruined by the bottle being stored in the door compartment*. However, combined with the result of the beer experiment, I’m of the opinion that I’m just kind of done with drinking. Mostly.

So, it seems like making a bunch of rules might be going too far, but I think I’ve got some guidelines for how my alcohol consumption might look going forward.

  1. Avoid getting drunk. I do not like the sensation, nor the aftermath. This means limiting consumption.
  2. Limit consumption to special occasions, like eating out. This takes advantage of my natural thriftiness, and makes it far less likely that I’ll have more than one drink.
  3. When offered alcohol at a party, politely refuse, unless it’s for a toast.

At this moment in time, this plan suits me down to the ground. Removing the temptation of yet another class of calorific beverage reduces anxiety surrounding accidental overconsumption. Plus, alcohol creates instant cravings for all the food. It may even become the case that I don’t drink at all, ever again. And I’m surprisingly okay with that, too. I just don’t completely understand how that works with eating fish and chips, since what else goes with that if not a pint?

Right now, my regard for alcohol is kind of like how I feel about eating meat. It’s fine when it happens, but it doesn’t happen often, and not in the house.

*Anything stored in the door of the fridge is subject to greater fluctuations in temperature, which can cause spoilage. It’s why you shouldn’t store milk there, unless you’re interested in making your own cheese.