The unexpected cost of losing weight

Losing weight can be the best feeling ever, but it all depends. If you’re not a less-than-optimal weight to begin with, it can be downright scary (like cancer scary – because according to the internet, it’s cancer). Feeling great is the whole point, anyway; looking great is simply a bonus side-effect.

This is just an observation of something that doesn’t tend to get pointed out about losing a significant amount of weight.

You need a new wardrobe.

Seriously, you need everything: shirts, pants, jackets, pajamas – possibly even new shoes, depending on how much was lost. This can be disheartening. Even though you feel better than you’ve felt in a long time, looking your best might need to be put off until you have the cash to drop on an entire cast of new threads. I dropped two sizes in underwear alone – a blessing and a curse in equal measure.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. This is the kind of problem I would wish on all my friends. Clothing that’s too big is at least still wearable (most of the time), and is way more comfortable than clothing that keeps ‘shrinking’.

I only want to point out that this is a) a thing; and b) a thing that nobody seems to talk about. And the main problem with that kind of silence is that while it’s cheap to diet – to lose the weight in the first place – the expense of wardrobe replacement could present a real barrier for some people. I know I’ve been reprimanded at a job for being out of dress code, and being in clothes that don’t fit properly could certainly qualify. Those are the same kinds of jobs that don’t pay much, and that have limited security.

Wow. This kind of turned into a pity party. I mostly wanted to draw attention to this problem since it remains absent from any of the discussions about weight loss I’ve encountered, yet seems like an obstacle that might be worth examining.

Also, I’m a bit pissed off that nothing fits, and that I can’t find good sandals. So, there’s that.