Searching for something

We all want things. For many, this is a daily – even an hourly – occurrence. I’m not going to claim to be above wanting things, but very often the things I want cannot be found. So the wanting goes on until it passes, at which point the thing I wanted inevitably becomes the hottest new thing and is available everywhere.

Some have suggested I put this power to use for the greater good of mankind. The Fella says I should put my predictions on Twitter as proof of my uncanny ability. I’d much rather just get what I want sometimes.

Right now, I’m on the hunt for the following:

  • An alternate lid for a Mason jar that turns the jar into a pitcher. It has a spout on one side, and a handle on the other. I would use this to replace my aging plastic water jugs.
  • A vegetarian (or vegan) cookbook that doesn’t rely heavily on refined carbohydrates (pasta, flour, etc.), cheese, or meatless analogs (patties, loaves, etc.) I took a look at one I’ve been waiting for, but was discouraged by the sheer size of its dessert section – proportionally, nearly 1/4 of the whole book. What I need is an inspirational reference for dinners, not afters.
  • Good quality shoes/boots that can be worn with nearly anything on something approaching a daily basis, and preferably brown. I have nothing against black shoes, but I find the contrast in colour can be stark for most outfits. Also, I’m a woman who doesn’t do heels, so this one’s pretty much impossible short of making my own.

So this time, rather than waiting for someone else to get on the same page as me, I’m looking into what it would take to make these things, or have someone make them for me. If there are others who have the same want/need, there’s a niche that needs filling. Why shouldn’t I be the one to fill it?