Aftermath 2017

This’ll be a bit of a mixed bag, so strap in.

We’ve both been experiencing a transition from the way we ate during the holidays, even though we were both extremely well behaved. I know I was helped by the fact that half the snacks/treats that were brought by the Fella’s family were also things I couldn’t eat by virtue of their allergen content. We also decided not to keep much of the leftovers, instead sending them home with our guests. Turns out it’s easy to be disciplined when certain foods transition from ‘treats’ to ‘deliberately punching oneself in the face in exchange for a brief moment of pleasure’.

Ain’t life funny?

The transition has mostly been related to the frequency of eating, but also includes a bit of sugar detox. That’s what’s been hitting the Fella hardest. He relates feeling hungry from about 11AM ’till supper, which he didn’t feel before the holiday binge. It’s most likely sugar hunger, though we’ll keep an eye on things to make sure there’s nothing else at fault.

Part of the plan is making sure we’re getting enough calories at suppertime. So I’ve almost doubled the plate (so to speak), usually filling it with greens. I’m also worrying less about overall calorie content (unless it’s sugar), since we’re only eating once per day. We’re really unlikely to go over an ideal daily calorie amount in one meal, especially a meatless, low(er) fat one with no added sugar. Therefore, often as not, those greens are  lightly to moderately dressed with homemade dressing (of course). At the moment, because we had some holiday mayonnaise left to use up, I transformed it into a Whole30 version of ranch dressing. Yum!

And because I’m a glutton for punishment, and with it being the new year and all, I’ve started working out. I use a free app found on GooglePlay (via Craig Benzine), which is one of many iterations of the legendary seven-minute workout. The app can be set up with reminders to work out, and its goal is to keep you going for seven minutes per day, seven days per week, for seven months. By then it should be more or less a habit. It’s intense enough to provide a good workout (in a short amount of time), but not so intense that it’s likely to develop lift-bro bodies. And because each exercise is timed, there’s no need to count reps. It therefore behoves one to focus on form – not speed – which helps avoid injury.

That’s not to say going from zero to hero doesn’t hurt. I’ve got pains and pangs in every which place. Like, did you know there are abdominal muscles behind your ribs? Apparently, this workout is the first time I’ve ever used them, and they are annoyed at being disturbed. When the weather is nicer, I’ll probably add in some running, just not every day. And if we’re successful at attaining residence at a building with a gym, maybe add a small dose of resistance training (osteoporosis is a thing, folks).

I’m trying to convince the Fella to join me in working out, but he’s worried it’ll interfere with his weight loss progress (another 5lbs, BTW). While that may be true, I’m far more concerned with his poor sleep quality, especially of late, and exercise is one of the best cures for a bad night’s sleep. And that’s not all it can do:

This Whole Thirty will return next week with a proper, preachier post.