On the menu

Today we’re going to talk about what we eat, when we eat and how much we eat. Why? Well, I figure there’s at least a chance someone’s interested, if only based on the sheer number of articles, blogs and YouTube videos covering the same topics. Also, I’m just excited to share!

Making enough for the daily meal has been a bit of a challenge, if only because we’re so used to eating less. So we’re still learning. Last night fell a bit shy, so we supplemented with less-than-good food. The upside is that on one meal per day, calories are kind of a non-issue. We can be a bit looser about any rules we’ve set up and that helps us feel less imprisoned by our diet. The downside is ‘cheat’ food rarely tastes as good as good food, and there’s usually at least some aftermath (if you know what I mean).

Generally speaking, we stick pretty close to the following guidelines:

  • low sugar, salt and fat
  • no animal products (except weekends)
  • whole foods (peels on veggies and fruit when possible, whole grains)
  • seasonal produce, local as possible
  • minimal packaged stuff (seasonings and condiments)

The current aim is to get a metric shit-ton of veg in a weekly shop, then do whatever minimal prep work is needed to get those veggies into a conveniently edible form, then mix and match for meals. Chuck in some beans (low salt or homemade) or cooked grains, maybe a wee drizzle of some homemade sauce, and we’re good to go!

I will say we’ve eaten more veg in a sitting than I’d previously thought possible. We sat down to a dinner where we split half a cabbage, three bell peppers and a healthy helping of raw baby arugula, topped with a couple slices of crispy tofu, resulting in pleasant, lasting fullness.

We’re eating hot dinners, partly because of nutrient unlocking magic, but also because it’s winter where we are. Soups and stews will be on the menu until April, at least. Our raw food component is limited to most fruits, plus celery, carrot and salad greens.

So, it’s nothing epic. Mountains of good food, once per day, and a distinct lack of rocket science. It might sound boring or impossible, but nothing is boring or impossible compared to just… potatoes. Seriously. That’s the only secret. I’m no bastion of willpower. All I can tell you is that I no longer possess the compulsion to stuff my face with whatever ‘food’ is at hand. I’m not afraid of starving; growing up poor, that was a pretty big source of anxiety, rational or not. I no longer equate eating with pleasure. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the food I eat, only that I don’t eat in order to feel good.

And in return, I feel pretty great.