Eggs aren’t the problem

I don’t know what the problem is, exactly, and the book makes it hard to pin down – let alone remedy. However, the symptoms are cravings for anything that isn’t Whole30. For breakfast, I want bagel and cream cheese. When I go for coffee, I want a chocolate croissant. Dinner comes, and I have to stop myself from ordering pizza. Playing Civ, I would give my left arm for some little snacky thing to pick at.

Yesterday was bad. Today was worse. As of this moment, it’s better than it was even a few hours ago. A good dinner helped. So did performing the magic trick of making mayonnaise (seriously, I should make a video). Maybe I just feel like some of the pressure is off now that we have some food in the fridge. When we run low on, or run out of compliant food it becomes easier to fantasize about eating something more convenient.

Maybe that’s it.

We did break down and buy conventional meat. I regret it, not just because it causes me great guilt to contribute to the torment of animals who give their lives to the great machine of industrial agriculture, but because it cooks up into a texture like rubber bands with about as much flavour. It literally tastes like sadness.

Anyway, it’s protein, and it’s here. If it keeps us on the straight and narrow for the few more days we have left, it’ll do. In the meantime, I just need to knuckle down. Six lousy days left. Then, if I want to, I can eat an entire cake and a pint of ice cream. I won’t, but I could.

And seriously, if you’re thinking about Whole30 and/or making your own mayonnaise, get a nice wide-mouthed jar and a stick blender. You may not thank me, but you’ll be tempted to take that little show on the road. Abracadabra!