We have now passed the halfway point of our Whole30. It’s all downhill from here!

Despite the exhaustion, the dizzy spells, the frequent (and pricey) shopping trips and the gosh-darn inconvenience, it’s been a good time. We both feel better overall, and I know I feel lighter of spirit – if not necessarily of body. It’s difficult to tell since I have no way of measuring beyond judging how certain items of clothing fit, or don’t. But I definitely feel less like an overstuffed sausage casing, so that’s good.

The Fella reports being tired for bedtime, which is fantastic. Now all he needs to do is actually go to bed when he’s tired. It seems like an obvious action to take, but we’re none of us perfect. There’s been no improvement in his appetite for breakfast, which remains our smallest meal of the day overall. It also tends to be our least complete in terms of the template, so I try to make it up by adding extra veg to lunch and dinner.

One thing that will certainly be a takeaway from this adventure is making mayonnaise. Why on earth would I buy that stuff when it’s as simple as chucking all the ingredients (room temperature, of course) into a wide-mouthed jar and whizzing it for less than a minute with the stick blender. It’s like a magic trick how it switches nearly instantly from a bunch of liquid to an opaque near-solid. No time-consuming drizzling required, and I can make it right in the jar so there are no extra dishes to wash. Simple, cheap, and the flavour is growing on us.

I do find it interesting how some people interpret the rules of Whole30. There isn’t much leeway to be sure, but part of the refrain seems to be, ‘you’re a grown-up, you’re capable of making a judgement call here.’ Case in point, I was chatting with my sister-in-law who has also done Whole30. She’s a bit of a social butterfly, so one of her issues with the protocol was that it was ‘impossible’ to entertain friends for 30 whole days because dessert is off the menu.

My thought on the matter would be this: provided you’re not entertaining every night as an excuse to keep eating dessert (which would be crazy), I’m sure you could either whip up a nice fruit salad or cut fruit plate to end a Whole30 meal with friends. It’s about changing your relationship with food, including kicking certain habits, but having friends for dinner once or twice to keep your sanity – whether it includes pseudo-dessert or not – is certainly part of that. Besides, if they’re true friends, you can always tell them that you’re not doing dessert at the moment, so they’re free to bring what they’d like for themselves if they can’t do without and/or aren’t into fruit.

Problem solved.

I’ve also started doing some running (again), and will be adding in some core-strengthening exercises since my posture is starting to resemble a question mark. I found out the hard way that a pre-workout snack is not as optional as I thought, and that nothing tastes better than a post-workout apple with cashews.

For today, we’re going to take advantage of the fantastic weather we have and head down to the glorious fruit and veg markets on Danforth. If we’re really fortunate, I’ll nab a sinfully delicious pineapple like the one we got last time. And if I feel generous, maybe I’ll invite some friends over to help us eat it.