So much beautiful food!

pile of beautiful fruits and veggies

Lookit all the things we get to eat!!

Day two has dawned and we have reaped a mighty harvest. We went down to Danforth and bought out the produce market (well, not quite). If I wasn’t excited about Whole30 before, I am now.

I visited some friends last night and we made some semi-scratch guac using a whole bunch of avocados and half a tub of bought pico de gallo, then had grilled pineapple spears for a kind of dessert. The whole thing really fanned the flames of fresh eating, especially for fruit – as you can see. So though reducing sugar is the name of the game, I may have gone off the rails a little bit in my excitement. We don’t usually buy any fruit at all, apart from tomatoes and avocado, maybe some lemons or limes, but I just couldn’t help myself.

The thing I’m most excited to use is that big bowlful of brown mushrooms. I saw them in the store and they looked so good; I swear they were gleaming. It almost seems a shame that I want to chop them up and cook them, but I know if I don’t do so in short order they’ll end up all puckered and I’ll be much less motivated to use them.

One of the things I try to do when I bring home such fantastic food is to get it as close to useable as possible, as soon as possible. Peeling and cutting carrots to store in a tub of water, taking off stickers, throwing out net bags and other packaging*, or anything else that makes fresh food more convenient. Because that’s always the argument against fresh food – that it’s not ready to go at a moment’s notice – and not prepping is more likely to end in wasted food.

That said, I don’t always succeed. We don’t drive, so we carry all our groceries home in backpacks and reusable bags. Sometimes by the time we get back, the last thing I want to do is stand in the kitchen washing and chopping. However I will say that knowing how much of our daily caloric intake needs to be plant matter is a big motivator. We don’t have money to waste as it is, and we’d rather not go hungry and poor at the same time.

So we’re looking forward to chowing down on this lot – more guac, maybe using part of the pineapple for a chutney-style thing rather than a strictly sweet treat, and of course scrummy sauteed mushrooms – along with a goodly dose of greens which we’ll grab tomorrow at our usual shop. The sad downside of the produce market is that they don’t prioritize locally grown stuff, but happily our favoured grocery does. Then we’ll top it all off with some protein and we’ll be all set.

Here’s to the straight and narrow!

*Unless it’s cauliflower, a tub of greens or wrapped mushrooms.