Trading the fat

We’re doing some downsizing. The depressing part is that we now have a small apartment’s worth of things we’re getting rid of sitting in the middle of our living space, mostly because we have no car and neither of us drive. We’re also far enough removed from our vehicularly-able friends that they’re of little help. And so momentum has slowed, since there is decreasing room to stack other things.

Even as we are trimming the fat of our physical possessions, we’re trying to ramp up the fat in our Whole30 diet (see what I did there?) It’s harder than you’d think. The book says that the cooking fat used in a recipe isn’t enough, so now I’m looking for ways to add fat into what we’re eating. But where? How? Granted, I’m not cooking to plan (yet), so maybe once I go through something resembling the sample meal plan, I’ll get a better sense of what’s appropriate.

What I can say is this: if adding appropriate amounts of fat to food is as addictive and compelling as divesting oneself of unnecessary things, we should be a-okay. Even as I’ve been typing this, I’ve gotten up and added some small things to the giant stack. It feels so good to finally have an understanding of what is meant by the adage, ‘don’t let what you own own you.’ And I can wholeheartedly endorse another book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. If you can, borrow it from your local library. I got my copy from a used book store, since the TPL has a waiting list of over one thousand people long for both real and virtual versions (speaking of bandwagons). Caveat: the message of this book and how it’s delivered will not be for everyone. All I can say is that this message found me at just the right moment to set off the bells of change – like Whole30 or Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – and it could do for you as well.