Deserting dessert

In my family, supper ends in dessert. I grew up that way and I’ve lived that way my entire adult life. It doesn’t have to be big or extravagant, just sweet.

Well and so, in our ramp up to Whole30, we’re foregoing dessert as frequently as we’re able to resist. For myself, the ability to resist is achieved through white-knuckled iron will. Part of the trouble is that supper doesn’t feel finished without a sweet at the end, so I spend all evening thinking something is missing, making it all the harder to do without.

I must say that eating well helps, as does eating enough. When I’m clearly full at meal’s end, I can use that to convince myself that I don’t need anything more – why would I put more on a full stomach? I can also sometimes overcome a craving with a cup of herbal tea, so long as it hasn’t any liquorice root in (which provides natural sweetness).

We’ve done away with dairy and are still working our way through remaining grains. I was going to make a final farewell batch of cookies for us to eat, but instead I think I’ll have the Fella take them in to work. The only other grains we’ve been eating are rice cakes, and those will be done by week’s end. Because of this drastic reduction, I’ve been able to notice that eating an incomplete meal that includes grain is a recipe for an afternoon coma. All that means is that I need to buy in more veg than I have been so that all our meals can be as balanced as our suppers. Hopefully, this will make resisting the siren song of sweets that much easier.

We shall see.