Breathing room

We’ve been on this merry-go-round before, the Fella and I – the big dietary overhaul – when we went Paleo a few years back. Then, as now, we had enough leisure time between us to find our nutritional sea-legs. Laid off, being kept afloat by some savings and unemployment benefits, we had time and space to figure it all out.

This time, I’m the stay-at-home spouse (a hard-won and truly honourable position), and the Fella’s job keeps us both well. I have all the time in the world to plan and prepare top notch Whole30 meals, and with only one of us facing the wide world regularly, it should be easy to avoid egregious dietary slip-ups.

My point is that it occurred to me that many people looking to make this kind of change – Whole30, Paleo, what have you – might benefit from starting their journeys with as little on their plates as possible. Pun partially intended.

I know that not everyone looking to take on Whole30, or any major dietary shift, is not able to take time off work to do so. But I think that those who can should. Not only are they coming off a lifelong sugar high, they’re also adjusting to food shopping, meal planning, cooking. If you had the option to sequester yourself, to keep your head down and your energy focused on your goals while experiencing extreme grumpiness and junk food withdrawal, wouldn’t you?

And those looking to justify using vacation or sick days to make this change may want to consider that this is no small thing. Changing one’s life for the better is worth investing in, even if it might mean trading a week at the cottage for years of healthier you.