First dip of the toe

While we’re still weeks away from our official start date, I’ve been trying to ease us in to Whole30 one step at a time. I figure we’ll be thankful (as will those forced to interact with us) come the first week of hardcore Whole30-ing, since it will be a less drastic transition than loading up on all the junk we won’t be able to have.

So we’ve had no cereal for breakfast this past week, and dairy has been reduced to cheese and the occasional hot beverage from that temple of Canadian life, Tim Horton’s. We’re getting more veggies and having less dessert (though not yet no dessert).

Thus far, no one has exploded.

I was making an attempt to use up all the rice and lentils and beans in the cupboard, using the logic that we didn’t want non-compliant foods in the house after the 1st. Then I was thinking about it a bit more, and I’m fairly certain I won’t be compelled by cravings to cook up a pot of barley since I can barely be compelled to cook the stuff now. Plus, we’ll need some of it around during the reintroduction phase, and none of it will go bad before the end of April. There is some stuff we need to go through (sriracha, you’ve served us well), including a fair amount of sweet stuff, but the list has shrunk significantly as a result of this revelation.

Today’s quest involves taking advantage of a build-up of reward points at one of our local grocery stores to get some Whole30 approved cooking oil, as well as filling in some holes in the spice cupboard. If there’s one thing I like better than healthy living, it’s free stuff – and upwards of $50 in free groceries is nothing to sneeze at.

Thankfully, the weather is fine, with sunny, blue skies. We’ll take the dog, because it’s a nice, longish walk; he and the Fella can hang out for a few minutes whilst I dash inside for the goods, and we might grab a quick cuppa on the way home. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!