Aiming medium

I thought I’d take a moment to go over some of the goals we hope to achieve once this whole ordeal is said and done. Well, let me tell ya.

The biggest goal is to alter our approach to food. Hunger should be the driver behind consumption, not emotions or social pressures. The phrase, ‘eat to live; don’t live to eat,’ has been haunting my mind as I’ve been conceiving this post, and I think it’s appropriate. One should eat to sate one’s hunger. That’s not to say that one cannot also enjoy one’s food, or the company of others, in addition to fulfilling a need, only that those things remain secondary to bodily signals to start and stop.

Sugar is a big one here. Me, I’m a dessert person. As we ramp up to the thing itself, I’ve been engaging in intermittent dessert fasting, and it’s torture. My brain insists that we need just a little something sweet to signal that eating is done for the day, only it’s not specific. It could be happy with one cookie, or with a selection of donuts. An apple and peanut butter or a slab of chocolate cake. If nothing else, I hope to break this habit. Not only will it affect my waistline, but my long-term health – and bank account!

Other goals include improvements to skin and mood and energy.

Oh, and weight loss. My fingers and toes are crossed for even the smallest permanent drop in weight or size – basically, I want my pants to fit. And my shirts. I’m sick of being a fatty fatterton, bulging out of everything I own like ten pounds of flour in a nine pound sack. The Fella also hopes that whole30 will help battle the tummy bulge he acquired at college (despite our age, this was only a couple of years back). I’m hoping this, too, since it is so localized that I find it concerning, healthwise.

And that’s all I have to say about that.