The end is just beginning

So, yep. This is happening. We’ve bought our tickets for the bandwagon; the madness takes off April 1st – and if there’s a less auspicious day to start a life-changing experience, I’m not sure I could identify it.

We’re taking on the Whole30 challenge.

Doing Whole30? Starting Whole 30? I don’t know.

Now, I don’t want to step off from the wrong foot. So far, this sounds pretty negative, and that’s not how I feel about Whole30 itself. The program looks good enough to do in the first place – the program is not the issue.

The issue is the bandwagonniness of Whole30. For myself (can’t speak for the Fella), I have a pathological aversion to doing what the crowd is doing. Even if the reason I’m doing the thing has nothing to do with the existence of the crowd. It’s like when I find myself in a Starbucks, a tiny part of me dies (dem ginger molasses cookies, tho!) It’s entirely my issue, in my head, and has probably cost me opportunities in the past. That’s only one of the many reasons I have to do Whole30.

Most of the other reasons have to do with food. A bad, bad relationship with food. Feeling sad? Eat all the things! Bored? Likewise! Rinse, repeat, etc.

We used to do Paleo several years ago, and that was the best. Circumstances changed such that we could no longer afford to Paleo properly, and it all fizzled out. Years went by, depression rolled in, and an entire wardrobe of clothing no longer fits – including underwear.

Something’s gotta give, and apparently that something includes cake and cheese.

And red wine.

So this blog is to document the process. There are no comments because it’s not intended to start a conversation – go straight to the source for that. It’s meant only to provide an honest snapshot of what happens when two otherwise low-maintenance folks dive into the deep end of nutritional reset. It may even have pictures. Stay tuned!

Or don’t.