Deciding to decide

My goal in life (at least for the foreseeable future) is to acquire as few physical possessions as possible. That includes things like books and kitchen equipment, as well as shelves, bins and boxes for storing the things. It’s a noble goal that’s more difficult to achieve than it might seem. Read More

Trusting in me

Anxiety. For most of my life, I didn’t think it had anything to do with me. I’d occasionally read a list of symptoms to see if anxiety was at the root of my psychic distress, but it never seemed to fit. The list would say things like, “Do you worry?”, or “Are you plagued by thoughts of doom?” And I would think, “No, not really.” Read More

Food prep is a slippery slope

At the shop on Monday, the cashier commented on all the green goodies I had going into my shopping bag. She then lamented that, although she’d like to eat more salads, she finds it so much work to do in the moment – a sandwich is much easier! My reply was that I try to prepare all of my foods soon after getting home (as much as I can, anyway) so making a salad for supper is as simple as chucking a few handfulls of pre-cut stuff in a bowl. That’s at least as easy as making a sandwich.

I’ll admit, what follows may just be true for me, but I find that once I start prepping, it all kind of happens. It’s not addictive, it’s just that once momentum is achieved, it’s hard to stop. That said, let’s forge on! Read More

Couple in Toronto spends $75 per week on groceries!

I was recently perusing The Kitchn when I stumbled on their new series of weekly food diaries. Sadly, not being a resident of the USA, I am prevented from participating in their call for submissions. However, I do have my own little soapbox here, so I figured I’d go ahead and do my own.
Let’s step into the wayback machine and start with this past Monday. Read More